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Suggested readings
from my library:       


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“An Account for the Gender Gap in Perceptions of Discrimination among African Americans: Considering the Role of Gendered Measures” (Mosi Ifatunji and Catherine Harnois) Social Psychology Quarterly – Revise and Resubmit

“Socioeconomic Disparities between African American and Afro Caribbeans: Re-Examining the Role of Immigrant Selectivity” (Mosi Ifatunji) Social Problems – Revise and Resubmit

“The Afro Caribbean Model Minority Myth: Cultural Attributes and Socioeconomic Disparities Between African Americans and Afro Caribbeans” (Mosi Ifatunji) – Social Forces


“Rethinking Race: Examining the White Interest in Black Ethnic Disparities” (Mosi Ifatunji)

“Education and Perceived Discrimination among African Americans: A Test of Four Mediating Mechanisms” (Mosi Ifatunji and Tyrone Forman)

“Will Racism Ever End? Rap Music, Perceived Discrimination and Youth Race Futurology” (Mosi Ifatunji, Cathy Cohen and Alexandra Moffett-Bateau)


"Jackin' Race, Makin' All Trades: Obama and Perceived Raciality in the United States" (www.zeleza.com).

Mosi Ifatunji. Assistant Professor. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill .
Department of Sociology and Carolina Population Center.
Telephone (919) 843-6466. Email:ifatunji@unc.edu.
For the latest on race, ethnicity, migration and politics follow: @ifatunji .